Frequently asked questions:
From what is multirazor made off?
multirazor exists of polished pear tree wood, an antibacterial PVC sponge,
two high-grade steel screws, to a plastic-blade holder, a Gillette Mach3 razor blade
and a PVC hold tape.
How does the multirazor work?
The sponge of the multirazor must be humid to have a correct function and be watered with shower gel a little. Move the multirazor, on the skin lying, up and down like a bath brush.
How to exchange the Gillette Mach3 razor blade?
Remove the old blade upwards and put in a new one with an audible "click".
With which razor blades does the multirazor work?
The following “original Gilette razor blades” can be used: “Gillette Mach3”, “Gillette Mach3Turbo”, “Gillette M3Power”.
What can be shaved with multirazor?
Primarily the multirazor was invented for the back shave, however,
it can be also used on wide skin parts like breast, legs, arms and bottom.
How long does the multirazor last?
Theoretically forever, nevertheless, for hygienic reasons it is recommended to replace the multirazor all six months with a new. You replace your toothbrush also all three months.
Where do I find further instructions?
Further instructions can be found in the attached and also downloadable (pdf) manual.