Welcome to multirazor!

Do you also suffer from backhair? That´s why you are here. With multirazor you can easily shave backhair on your own. Avoid fussinesses like: expensive laser treatment, difficult to put on depilatories or embarrassing shaves done by another person.

With your hairless back you can just look forward to the next swimmingpool-, sauna-visit or other precious moments. For sure, you can also use the multirazor for other body regions. So the multirazor is the perfect solution for male and female hair removal.

What is the multirazor?

The multirazor is a razor, especially for body regions that you usually can not shave on your own. Shave body regions like back, bottom and legs without a problem.

With the sponge embedded "original Gilette razor blade" a high quality and especially secure shave is guaranteed. With the long handle of the multirazor you can shave body regions that otherwise could only get shaved with another person´s help or very expensive treatments.